The current Overbeck is a result of the acquisition and merger with NORD-machinery ApS which was done the 1/12-2022.

Previously Overbeck was focusing on equipment and steel solutions primarily for the meat industry.

NORD-machinery ApS has for the last 4 years introduced new and exciting machinery for the seafood industry, focusing on the salmon industry mainly.

Both companies share the same basic values – we want to produce high quality machines for our respective markets. With the merger of the two companies late 2022 we find ourselves stronger than ever – with a broad spectrum of machinery available for various industries including pork, beef, poultry and seafood.

Overbeck aims to add value to our client’s respective businesses. We are focused and extremely dedicated to making sure that Overbeck will not only be a brand but will be synonymous with high quality, high level of service and support.