NSD 1 F Salt-doser


NSD 1 F Salt-doser

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  • Heated salt vessel and mechanics to ensure no condensation and fast drying after cleaning.
  • Fast and easy adaptability to your existing production line with live options to adjust speed, temperature etc.
  • Special salmon processing option that ensures that the belly side is salted less than the more meaty back side.
  • A huge HMI unit allow for easy overview and controls of the machine and with a built-in manual, spare parts list and instructional videos for replacing spare parts, the machine just makes service easy.
  • Built from high quality A4 (AISI316) steel to ensure maximum corrosion resistance.

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Technical data:

Infeed: Left or right (per customer spec)

Layouts: 1 lane, 2 lane or 4 lane (per customer spec)

Height:         2000mm

Length:        1835mm

Width:           1 lane 900mm

                        2 lane 1325mm

                        4 lane 2220mm

Weight:        1 lane 650kg (dry)

                       2 lane 725kg (dry)

                       4 lane 1450kg (dry)


1 lane 180 liters of salt – approximately 220kg

2 lane 240 liters of salt – approximately 290kg

4 lane 460 liters of salt – approximately 560kg

20-25 filets per minute per lane (depending on product length)


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