“Reliable, transparent, hands-on and all-round professional”

Dirk Linnewedel – VEGA Salmon

“Varde Laks is very happy with this solution that was a part of a plan to expand capacity”

Thomas Jessen – Varde Laks

“From the first presentation of the machine at Overbeck´s factory to development and installation at our premises the experience has been only positive”

Christoph Kjærgaard – Polar Salmon Hjerting Laks


“At Overbeck we have a continuously growing portfolio of machinery and apply every modern cutting-edge technology you may think of or want.

This is done to make the machines easy to adapt to any industry 4,0 system our customer may run, but also just easier to clean and to operate daily. Our mission is to supply you with amazing and adaptive machinery.”


Head and tailpiece remover

Hygienic conveyor